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Val & Adrian were born at the Eudunda Hospital. (25km South of Robertstown)


Adrian lived with his parents at Point Pass (12Km South of Robertstown) and did all of his schooling at the Eudunda Area School.


He left school at the end of 1968 and went to work with his father, Clarry on the farm and also within various agencies that his father held. 

(Grain Silo, Wood Cutting and Fuel - Golden Fleece)

His mother, Edna not only attended to the family of 6 children - 5 boys & 1 girl, as she was a Part Time Dressmaking Teacher at Eudunda & Robertstown.


In May 1969, his father suddenly died and he then went to Adelaide to work within the Grain Industry.


Val, a only child, lived with her parents at "Springhut Creek" (4kms North of Robertstown) and went to the Robertstown Primary School. She continued her secondary schooling at the Eudunda Area School and when she left, she worked in a retail store in Robertstown.

Her father, Clarrie worked most of his life for the South Australian Engineering & Water Supply Department as a "Turncock", at numerous towns within South Australia.

He was in charge of the Depot at Robertstown for many years, while his wife Gertie, attended to the family home.


During this time they courted and she moved to Adelaide in 1975 and worked in various stores.


They were married in May 1977 and purchased a house at Henley Beach, a suburb of Adelaide.


Adrian worked as a Export Grain Inspector and Val did Domiciliary Care work.


During this time, they became the "PROUD PARENTS" of 2 Children.

Corey (son) was born in September 1979 and Lisa (daughter) was born in November 1982.


They had "had enough" of Adelaide and decided to return to the country in 1984, so they moved back into the house where Val was born & bred as her mother was unable to look after the homestead.


"The Good Country"


As a result of this, we named our place "Greenacres" and also use the song to go with it.


We both are a bit like "Oliver and Lisa" from the TV show "Greenacres", so we have adopted the song.


"We hope that you enjoy it".


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