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At the end of July, Adrian celebrated his 50th Birthday with his family and some friends.

Below is a selection of photos that were taken on the day.

50_adrian_birthday_cake.JPG (74395 bytes) 50_birthday_cake.JPG (76945 bytes)


50_adrian.jpg (68329 bytes)


50_adrian_cake_jayden.JPG (73947 bytes)
Adrian with his Birthday Cake. The Birthday Cake. Adrian relaxing with one of his Grand Children's toys. Adrian and Grandson, Jayden checking out the birthday cake.


50_bob_adrian_val.JPG (75037 bytes)

Bob, Adrian & Val enjoying their Lunch.


50_sjaan_lennie.JPG (76038 bytes)

Sjaan & Lennie, friends of the Menzel Family

50_val_lyn_peter.JPG (74037 bytes)

Val, Lyn & Peter in discussion.

50_jayden.JPG (76881 bytes)

Jayden, enjoying his ice-cream.

50_lisa_y_mikayla_corey.JPG (81405 bytes)

Lisa, Corey's partner with Mikayla & Corey playing a game on the laptop computer.

50_jayden_wig.JPG (75504 bytes)

Jayden dressed up with a wig on his head.

50_mikayla_walker.JPG (78651 bytes)

Mikayla in her walker.

50_adrian_mikayla.JPG (78763 bytes)

Adrian in one of his lighter moments with Mikayla.









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